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Tune in as James Rosseau shares his Keys to Effective, Growth-Oriented Leadership!

Live Broadcast | Thursday, June 27 | 12:30 pm ET

About This Event

Growing your business means leading change. But how do you bring your team along? Too many businesses get stuck trying to grow without incorporating the transformational principles that will engage, motivate, and empower their employees. Being a great business owner means being a great leader of people. During this interview, James Rosseau will share the lessons he has learned across two decades of leading transformational change in teams large and small, including:

  • The 5 inherent challenges you WILL face in leading change
  • The 3 themes that must guide your efforts to empower you team
  • How to create top line and bottom line growth as a result

About Our Guest

James Rosseau, Sr. helps leaders achieve sustainable business growth. During his twenty years in leadership in companies such as JPMorgan Chase, Allstate, and LegalShield, James has created and guided high-performing teams through delivering double-digit growth, mergers and acquisitions, offshoring, outsourcing, startups, and well over 300 partnerships. In 2018, James transitioned from the corporate sector to be an entrepreneur and lead his non-profit, The Corelink Solution, whose goal is to increase high school graduation and career success rates in low-income communities by empowering individuals to reach their potential. The leadership facilitation work he delivers as an entrepreneur allows him to fuel the non-profit. He serves on the DeVry University Board of Trustees, is an Executive in Residence at the Kellogg School of Management and is the author of Success on Your Own Terms: 6 Promises to Fire up your Passion, Ignite Your Career and Create an Amazing Life.

About Our Host

Fran Tarkenton is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame, playing quarterback for the University of Georgia, the Minnesota Vikings, and the New York Giants during a record-setting career that took him to three Super Bowls. Since retiring from football Fran has had a successful and publicly recognized business career, building more than 20 companies (including during his NFL career). Today, Fran is a trusted spokesperson for small business in America, appearing as a small business authority with television, radio, and print journalists.