Tune in for Turn Life Events Into Business Opportunities

Thursday, March 26th at 12:30 pm ET


Join Fran Tarkenton for this inspiring episode with the renowned entrepreneur Boland Jones as we talk all about the world of business. Boland will share how real-life events and lessons led to personal growth, and how a strong work ethic and communication skills helped him achieve his goals. You’ll also get insights from Boland to help you learn how to:

  • Ask questions and look for inspiration along the way
  • Build relationships within your business
  • Empower your employees to do the best job possible


Boland Jones is a renowned entrepreneur and the founder of several extremely successful companies in the business communications industry. After starting his first company, American Network Exchange, which provided the first alternatives to the AT&T® operator service, he foresaw a future in business communications applications and founded PGi in 1991. Boland was named Georgia’s #5 Top Performing CEO in 2008 by the Atlanta Business Journal and identified as Entrepreneur of the Year of the Southeast Region by Ernst & Young. Following PGi’s acquisition by Siris Capital Group in 2015, Mr. Jones left his position as CEO of PGi. Boland is a graduate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, and lives in Atlanta with his wife and three children where he is an avid supporter of a variety of charitable efforts.

About Our Host

Fran Tarkenton is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame, playing quarterback for the University of Georgia, the Minnesota Vikings, and the New York Giants during a record-setting career that took him to three Super Bowls. Since retiring from football Fran has had a successful and publicly recognized business career, building more than 20 companies (including during his NFL career). Today, Fran is a trusted spokesperson for small business in America, appearing as a small business authority with television, radio, and print journalists.