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Tune in as Zach Pousman shares how to apply a design thinking approach to create a sales process that works!

Live Broadcast | Thursday, March 28 | 12:30 pm ET

About This Event

When you think of the word ‘design,’ what comes to mind? Aesthetics? Graphics? Sure – but there’s so much more! Tune in to this episode as Zach Pousman shares how to use the concepts of ‘design’ and ‘design thinking’ to:

  • Solve real business problems
  • Collect data and understand your customers
  • Craft a process to help your customers achieve their goals
  • Grow your business as a result

About Our Guest

Zach Pousman, who leads the team at Helpfully, is a convener of today’s best talent and tomorrow’s best ideas. Zach has a background deep in theory- and practice-centered work in Human Computer Interaction. Zach is also skilled at ethnographic fieldwork and acts as the chief facilitator for Helpfully. Zach has consulted with Fortune500 and startup companies including Coca-Cola, Verizon Vehicle, Citibank, Blackrock, and Anthem Blue Cross to discover digital opportunities and bring new digital products and platforms to market. Zach has a philosophy degree from the University of Chicago, and holds a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Tech, where he was a member of the Information Interfaces Group.

About Our Host

Fran Tarkenton is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame, playing quarterback for the University of Georgia, the Minnesota Vikings, and the New York Giants during a record-setting career that took him to three Super Bowls. Since retiring from football Fran has had a successful and publicly recognized business career, building more than 20 companies (including during his NFL career). Today, Fran is a trusted spokesperson for small business in America, appearing as a small business authority with television, radio, and print journalists.