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Tune in as we share The Fundamentals of Marketing: What You Thought You Knew!

Live Broadcast | Thursday, August 29 | 12:30 pm ET

About This Event

Marketing is the lifeblood of getting more customers – but are you doing it wrong, or at least incomplete? Join us as Josh Yudin, one of the nation’s leading professionals in the fundamentals of marketing strategy and design, advertising, and consumer behavior, shares 3 simple actions (that you’re probably overlooking) that can help you:

  • Decrease sales friction in minutes
  • Take advantage of natural consumer behavior to spark growth
  • Get more customers and activate the referral wheel

About Our Guest

Josh Yudin is the founder and CEO of The Academy of Marketing – an institute devoted to studying and mapping the fundamentals of Consumer Behavior, and applying that knowledge to drive successful marketing of local businesses. The Academy works other both local businesses to help them craft and implement comprehensive marketing programs, and teaching major media companies, marketers, and advertising agencies how those fundamentals should be utilized to grow their own businesses – by first growing their clients’ businesses. Both a teacher and student of the fundamentals of marketing, Mr. Yudin has a keen understanding of those fundamentals and counsels executives at some of the largest media companies in the world including Comcast/NBC Universal, CBS Radio, Cox Media Group, and NPR stations throughout the country. Under Josh’s guidance, the Academy of Marketing turns sales people into advertising experts by teaching them how to take advantage of natural consumer behavior to spark miraculous growth with their clients.

About Our Host

Fran Tarkenton is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame and the College Football Hall of Fame, playing quarterback for the University of Georgia, the Minnesota Vikings, and the New York Giants during a record-setting career that took him to three Super Bowls. Since retiring from football Fran has had a successful and publicly recognized business career, building more than 20 companies (including during his NFL career). Today, Fran is a trusted spokesperson for small business in America, appearing as a small business authority with television, radio, and print journalists.